Welcome to Lawrence King’s Pacific Drift

This is the only website where you can find the personal stories and pictures of The Silhouettes, 4 Just Men, Just Four Men, Wimple Winch & Pacific Drift – all bands that featured drummer Larry King.

From the early ’60s Merseybeat scene through to the early ’70s Psychedelia it’s all here, along with news of the recently reissued CDs covering all these bands’ music.

You can browse through any or all of the various chapters, look at the gallery pics and if you would like to share with us your stories of Larry you can do that too.

Larry was living with Cancer for nearly a decade, but kept a full and active life right until his death in 2017. He kept the website updated too,  though it ‘can be a bit erratic sometimes’!

Let’s hear Larry tell you a bit more…

…Meanwhile from December 2014 another chance to hear ‘Atmospheres’ on You Tube/Burton Snowboards where they feature the bands music as a backing track to one of their documentaries. Some great music along with some great movies of snowboarders in action. Log onto You Tube and type in Burton Snowboards/ Peace Park and play the video [ or watch it here! ]. You can hear WimpleWinch about 3.5 mins into the movie and it sounds great with the snowboarders and fits a treat.

Also type in HilltopHoods/Cosby Sweater [ or click on THIS link ] and hear what they have done with ‘Save my Soul’ as a backing track to one of their raps which I hear did great business in Australia and many other countries. What they have done is use the original instrumental backing track and discarded the original vocal, replacing it with their own Rap composition. Effective sampling has kept the drive and sound of Wimple Winch and used it in a way that extends the life span of the original recording.

AND ON YOUTUBE, POP2 PACIFIC DRIFT (a 30″ Special filmed by French TV in 1970 featuring the band performing some of their live material) a rare piece of footage that throws more light on the band and it’s members. You can also see a clip of this special on this website by clicking on LIVE IN PARIS 1970 just on the right. 

And there the recent find of some bootleg recordings made in the 70’s at a festival in Bodensee so sit back and immerse in a bit of ’70’s nostalgia. ENJOY!!!!!

So once again enjoy and thanks for logging on!

P.S. If you were around during these bands days and even if you were not and have something you would like to contribute please send this website an e-mail at  larry@pacificdrift.co.uk or wimplewinch@icloud.com 

Larry always appreciated your feedback.

VIDEO Extract: Live in Paris 1970

The opening Track only from our concert in Paris for French TV – less to download if you are having difficulty with the full concert download elsewhere on this site.