We Remember Larry

We are all upset and sad to hear the news that Larry passed away on Tuesday 14th March 2017.

If you have memories of one of Larry’s bands, please contact us and we’ll add them to this website.

Larry Karate

Larry and I lived in Toxteth, Liverpool, I moved aged about 6 in 1955. He was a few years older and taught me how to wrestle. This became a long lasting love of Martial Arts.

I’m 71 now and remember him fondly  when I still train and teach karate (i’m a 7th dan now) and my sustained interest stems from those early days. He also gave me my first Everton football shirt.

We met in about 1966 and amazingly I too became a drummer.  I had already become a drummer all of 2 years before we re-met in 1966. Larry came to our house and watched a band practise in our basement.  We were very ‘raw’ R&B 🙂

Strange how things come to mind : His mum Nora told me that the pottery birds on the wall would fly around the room when the sun shone. She had a budgie (or canary) which she couldn’t find. It had died in one of her furry boots.  Her home was always clean and tidy, unlike ours – with me around.

– Mick Pappas

Shocked and saddened

I’m deeply shocked and saddened to hear of Larry’s passing. I interviewed Larry in 2009 (Tom in Toronto, posted here) and was grateful to be able to communicate with one of my drumming heroes. His approach to the kit was both deft and muscular. My sincere condolences to his family. 

– Tom Sandford

Rock on Larry!

Great memories of knowing Larry for over 30 years, too many to write about. Suffice to say he was a good friend to Steve, myself and our son Liam.  He was intelligent, interesting, kind and above all, a gentleman. We will miss him beyond words.  Rock on Larry!  xxx
– Linda McKay

So sorry to see you go

A great Dad. A great friend. Such an amazing zest for life. An example to us all. Gonna miss you big time Larry. I still keep getting ‘better tell Larry’ moments every day. Something he’d be interested in – something in the news about reintroducing native species to Scotland or a link to a new trailer for a Marvel Studios release or some news about his granddaughter’s new stage show. We went to Barcelona together and we met David Fairclough at Anfield where we saw Luis Suarez play. Larry is taken but the memories remain. Thanks Larry for all the good times. Thanks to you there were so many.

– John Shiel

VIDEO Extract: Live in Paris 1970

The opening Track only from our concert in Paris for French TV – less to download if you are having difficulty with the full concert download elsewhere on this site.