BREXIT: 36 hrs later………

A 72% turnout at the Referendum poll on June 23rd resulted in a major shift for mainstream politics as the Brexiteers won the day over the Remainers. As a consequence it forced the current prime minister David Cameron to resign leaving the future of the U.K. In even more uncertain waters.

So where do we go from here, you might well ask, well nowhere to begin with as the country will have to wait for negotiations with the EU to get under way, deciding ultimately what terms, if any, can be arranged for our hopefully amicable divorce……….But wait because as I write this, a petition demanding they declare this referendum void and hold another has already reached over 2.5M signatures and over 200 commons members said they will try to overturn the result because they do not agree with it either.

Blimey the s++t has really hit the fan and all hell is breaking loose, my Lord are we all doomed? Will the UK implode in virtual civil argument, setting the Internet on fire as another battleĀ for the soul of the country begins to take place? Watch this space…………..

72 hours later and the turmoil continues. Now the Labour Party is fragmenting as most of it’s shadow ministers resign from Corbyn’s party after his sacking of his shadow foreign secretary. Meanwhile the petition has now reached over 3.1m signatures and a debate on this is scheduled for discussion in the commons in the near future. Now there’s talk that following a new Tory leader by October another general election will have to be held. Cor blimey Politics has almost become must see…..what else can possibly happen?

On a completely different theme, did you watch the COLDPLAY set at Glastonbury? It was really outstanding, and made for a beautiful end to the weekend at Worthy Farm.

VIDEO Extract: Live in Paris 1970

The opening Track only from our concert in Paris for French TV – less to download if you are having difficulty with the full concert download elsewhere on this site.