Brexit, A Euro Hokey Kokey!

“You put your left leg in, your left leg out, in, out, shake it all about”  and  “you put your right leg in….etc”  are some of the lines of the Hokey Kokey song, a left over musical and dance gem from the 40’s no longer heard in clubs or dance venues anywhere. But this business over Europe is a bit like that. Some want us in, some want us out but if your anything like me deciding which way to go, in or out, is no clearer now than it’s been these past few years since the argument started again during the coalition years. And yet here we are, after decades of being sucked deeper into the condition known as the European Union, later this year we, the general public, are going to be asked, do we stay in or do we get out? And after so many decades of politicians giving away little bits of the U.K’s independence to the Union, the time is approaching where we get to decide do we want to carry on giving away more or do we decide to get it all back? And if we do go independent again what kind of future will the UK have in the world?

Over the years the EU has grown to this mammoth which is too fat and top heavy for it’s own good. However if your in or your out, or do you shake it all about just like the song? And do you need help in deciding, who do you turn to? Hardly the politicians who got us where we are in the first place. Businessmen? Well if you work for some company who exports to Europe, maybe. Ask your boss how will it affect your job being in or out. Then there is the security aspect, are we likely to be safer from terrorism out of Europe? Maybe you should ask a policeman! Will it save us the billions economically that some claim? Ask an economist?  It’s enough to drive you mad trying figure it out, but  if you do then maybe you could let me know as I don’t really have a clue!!!

One thing is certain. There will be some upheaval in the political landscape, so I suggest you get comfortable and enjoy the scrap between the in’s and out’s and which political faction joins hands with whoever agrees with them.         In the meantime I shall sit on the fence until voting day and watch the hi jinks of the protagonists until the time to mark the spot with an X arrives sometime in June.

As an LFC supporter it’s been a tipsy turkey week starting with that epic game at Wembley for the League Cup where a penalty shootout saw Man City take away the prize. But full marks for trying and it was a really exciting game to watch. Then came the midweek premiership clash at Anfield for the two teams again but this time the Reds showed their dominance with an convincing 3-0 against a City team that really didn’t seem up for a second clash so soon after the first. So now the Reds are back on track. Let’s hope they can sustain it.

And while I’m on about Football, I hope that Leicester win this years Premiership as by today’s standards they are a small club. They have shown all season that they have a better team spirit and attitude toward the game than many of the so called super clubs who prefer to buy and sell footballers, instead of turning their unwanted into decent team players. After all what did they bring them in to begin with if they are not what they need?  And all fans should keep lobbying their clubs to reduce ticket prices now that the TV revenue has become so much, after all, without fans what use is the game at all?

VIDEO Extract: Live in Paris 1970

The opening Track only from our concert in Paris for French TV – less to download if you are having difficulty with the full concert download elsewhere on this site.