Floody Hell & Snail Transport!

Well another storm has battered the UK, storm ‘Imogen’ ( I believe the 8th in a row), this time catching the southern counties worst. Anyone who now doubts that the climate is changing must be in the minority, as we see more and more of these ‘unusual weather events’ happening with alarming regularity and by the looks of it getting worse too.

Personally I think it will get even much worse before it gets better (if ever at all) as humanities carbon emissions worldwide are still increasing and while most scientists and researchers agree that the rise in these emissions are what’s fuelling the change in weather, governments around the developing world are reluctant to abandon fossil fuel energy as they grow and seek prosperity and a better standard of living for their people.

So despite the recent world summit on limiting our Co2 emissions at some future date, I’m wondering if by then the weather would have become even more unpredictable and unable to revert to what it was like in the past, then these storms and floods will become worse until everyone will regard them as the norm!  A new Naturalistic’ viewpoint needs to be adopted by the powers that be and it is clear that more planning and design needs to be undertaken to anticipate these changes. More improved  flood defences, effective flood plain management, better drainage and more of it, new building design for homes that have less ground floor living quarters, as with shopping, leisure and business activities. Stricter controls for new build in any areas subject to flooding and a ban on any new build on flood plain areas. Rivers that tend to overflow regularly should be dredged and widened where possible and more able to cope with the extra rainfall that comes into them from the hills (if not by this method then by another.) Anyway whatever needs to be done needs to be started now and should be made a priority like health and defence by our respective governments.

Whilst making a journey by car to an out patient clinic recently, I decided to keep track of both mileage and time during an ordinary afternoon on the city’s roads. So considering conditions such as traffic lights, road works and the behaviour of other drivers, and taking into account my own, by strictly keeping within the speed limits and not jumping any lights, I calculated that  my average speed during the 40 minute journey covering approx. 9miles would have been 13.5mph. I also followed this first record by timing a 2nd but shorter journey of 5 miles on a different route and came up with an average speed of 14mph.  While no doubt this is hardly news to some people it makes you wonder why many modern cars are built to travel at speeds well in excess of 100, 150 and even 200 mph (taking into account all the ‘supercars’ they now make). I mean where on Britains roads can you travel at such speeds when 70 is the legal limit anyway And as far as Urban traffic is concerned 20/30 & 40 are the legal limits so travelling faster risks a ticket or maybe even worse……………

But back to my average speed, why some horse drawn carriages in Victorian times could travel as fast if not faster. so whats the point then of transport that relies on internal combustion engines that can generate hundreds of horse power and travel at great speeds when it comes to local travelling? Seems as if we need another solution to our personal transport needs because at the rate our traffic is growing even averages of 13-14mph will be hard to achieve in the years to come.

VIDEO Extract: Live in Paris 1970

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